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 Rules of Forum.

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1 ) Usernames must not contain swearing or any other prohibited word or phrase. Usernames cannot be created with the intent to impersonate other users or moderators / administrators.

2 ) Spamming of the boards is prohibited on these forums.

3 ) The use of swearing or masking is prohibited on these boards.

4 ) The abuse of other users whether through verbal attacks on their character, threats against them as a person or attacks on another’s race / gender / ethnicity or other minority status are prohibited on these boards.

5 ) The posting of pornographic or other criminal content is prohibited on these boards.

6 ) Respect of the Forum Staff is required.

7 ) Exceptional circumstances are handled on a case by case basis.

8 ) No Advertising - This includes Signatures, Avatar, Post, and Profile Fields.

9 ) No Multiple Accounts - If you have more then 1 account here, let us know so that we can remove the wrong one.

10 ) All Staff decisions are final - If you argue you will receive a warning.

11 ) Do not give out any personal info - We are not responsible for any actions.

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Rules of Forum.
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