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 Application Form.

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PostSubject: Application Form.   Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:01 pm

Please read the following. Copy/Paste and create your own post with answers to the following inquiries.

1) In-game name?

2) ID number?

3) What is your army size?

4) Do you meet the minimum requirements?
-Minimum defense of all members-
For ascended members you will need to have minimum 3 trillion.
Do not be discouraged if you do not. We do make exceptions.

5) Do you know anyone from ~Immortal Knights~? Did someone send you an invite?

6) How long have you played the game? Have you been in any other alliances before? If so, why'd you leave? (Just looking for a brief history of you in the game.)

7) Can you tell us a little about your playing style? (Stat-builder, masser, sniper, etc.) What do you expect out of this alliance? (Support, fun, war, family, etc.)

Cool If accepted and once you've joined ~IK~, you will need to regularly come to the forums and participate. We require you to visit the forum at least once a week that will be to answer the weekly roll call.

Can you do this?

Good luck with your application!

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Application Form.
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